Nils Navarro

Nils Navarro


Nils is author and illustrator of ENDEMIC BIRDS OF CUBA A Comprehensive Field Guide, which will be included in the program cost to all participants for trips he co-leads for CCT. The book contains illustrations as well as photographs and provides detailed and invaluable information describing habitat, distribution, behaviour and physical characteristics of Cuba’s 26 endemic birds, and another 22 species endemic to the West Indies. This dynamic resource is a result of many years of dedicated research, persistent determination, and artistic brilliance.

Nils Navarro has dedicated his life to the study and conservation of the biodiversity of his native Cuba as well as other areas of the West Indies and Latin America. He holds a degree in Fine Arts, and worked for 10 years as a taxonomist and curator in the Museum of Natural History in Holguin, Cuba. An extraordinarily versatile and internationally recognized wildlife artist and illustrator, Nils’ work is characterized by refined technique combined with a profound understanding of the biodiversity of the Caribbean Region.

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