Michael Good

Michael Good

CCT Ornithologist

Michael Good has been involved with our Cuba programs since 2002, and is our U.S. leader for this program. Michael has over 25 years experience studying the birds of North America, and brings a wealth of knowledge and passion for neotropical migrants and the avifauna of the Eastern United States. Michael has traveled extensively in the US, Alaska, Europe, Australia, South America and Cuba. As a Registered Maine Guide, he has been guiding professionally for many years, focusing on avian ecology in the Gulf of Maine bioregion.

Fields of expertise include wetland ecology, ornithology, environmental education and developmental biology. Michael spent many years studying numerous aspects of the Gulf of Maine while employed at the Marine Biological Laboratory and Woods Hole
Oceanographic Institute in Woods Hole, Massachusetts. He currently holds a BA (Biology) from Earlham College and a MS (Developmental Biology) from the University of Utrecht, the Netherlands. In his spare time he maintains Three Pines Bird Sanctuary in Town Hill, Maine, studying micro-habitat utilized by neotropical migratory birds on Mount Desert Island, Maine and winter ecology in various Neo-tropical countries when given the opportunity. Michael was recently selected as Maine’s Best Birding Guide by Yankee Magazine. He is an outstanding ornithologist and naturalist, and is President of Down East Nature Tours in Bar Harbor, Maine and is the founder of the Acadia Birding Festival.

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