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Cuba Bird Survey | April 2019

Caribbean Conservation Trust CUBA BIRD SURVEY Cuba’s Western Mountains, Zapata Peninsula, Northern Archipelago, Escambray Valley and Havana April 6-16, 2019, Compiled and written by Michael J. Good Cape May Warbler (Setophaga tigrina) Cueva Jabali, Cayo Coco, Cuba...

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Federal regulation changes

QUESTION: Do recent regulation changes impact CCT? Do recent changes in U.S. Department of Treasury regulations (enacted June 5th, 2019) impact the ability of Caribbean Conservation Trust to conduct authorized trips to Cuba? ANSWER: NO! The Caribbean Conservation...

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There are no upcoming events at this time.

We are CCT

The Caribbean Conservation Trust (CCT) has been the leader in providing legal bird conservation programs for U.S. citizens in Cuba since 1996. CCT is the top choice from a licensing & programmatic perspective, and because of our distinct relationships & knowledge.

Why CCT?

  • Our long term relationships in Cuba
  • The depth and experience of our Cuban team
  • Our pioneering  leadership in developing and equipping  Cuban guides, naturalists, and field biologists
  • Our continued leadership in  creating and refining new birding itineraries

Why bird with us?

  • Deep local connections for 23+ years
  • Conservation promotion
  • Experience with Cuba
  • Participate in long-term conservation effort
  • Excellent birding without sacrificing comfort

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