December bird survey locates 21 Cuban endemic species

The spectacular birds above and below were photographed by birders who traveled to Cuba with BirdWatching magazine in early December 2016. Guided by biologist Luis Diaz, curator of the National Museum of Natural History in Havana, and BirdWatching editor Chuck Hagner,...

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Introducing Craves’s Giant Barn Owl

A new species has been added to the roster of birds that once lived in the West Indies. It’s an owl, and an impressive one, a relative of the Barn Owl alive today but much larger. Gone for thousands of years now, it is known only from fossils unearthed in Cuba. The discoverer, ornithologist and paleornithologist William Suárez, and Storrs L. Olson, curator emeritus in the Division of Birds of the Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History, described the new species recently in the prestigious journal Zootaxa.

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Cuba’s Blue-headed Quail-Dove

Ubiquitous, approachable Rock Pigeon is the most familiar representative of the Columbidae family. One of the most beautiful is the endangered Blue-headed Quail-Dove, endemic to Cuba. It has long been considered unique, and is the only member of the genus Starnoenas, but new research suggests that it is far more unusual than previously believed.

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Birding Cuba by David Bredehoft

Spring Migration Cuba Bird Survey – April 2016. Itinerary included Cuba’s Western Mountains, Zapata Peninsula, Northern Archipelago, Escambray Valley and Havana.

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Cuba Bird Survey – December 2016

For the second time, BirdWatching magazine, in collaboration with the Caribbean Conservation Trust, is promoting an exclusive, birding program to Cuba, the Caribbean’s largest and most ecologically diverse island nation.

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Gearing Up for Cuba

With the recent relaxation of restrictions on travel to Cuba, many U.S. birders are considering a visit to that bird-rich nation so close to Florida. What to bring? - binoculars, for starters, and probably a field guide. But what sort of field guide? - print or...

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Cuba trip: April 2016

The main purpose of our trip to Cuba was to find and identify the endemic birds on the island of Cuba and outlying Cays.  Endemic is defined as ” native or restricted to a certain country or area”.  Our group saw 24 of the 26 possibilities.  We did not see the Cuban...

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Bird Watching in Cuba – Audio

In this Ecoreport feature, we hear from Gary Markowski from the Caribbean Conservation Trust, a small US company that has been bringing bird watchers to Cuba for the past 20 years.

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